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Results of Board Elections

The election results are in for the 2018/2019 Board of Directors.  The following individuals have been elected to a two year term on the Board in the following positions:


·         Bob Caplan - Vice President

·         Elizabeth Getrost- Communications

·         Mike Vincelli - Education and Training

·         Dave Heiden - Education and Training

·         Robert Silvestri - Compliance



Congratulations to all – we look forward to another successful year with your help and expertise!


Note that the remaining board positions (President, Secretary, Membership, and Finance) will continue to serve until the end of 2018.

2017 Association Holiday Party



The holiday party was held in Woodbridge at Solun Tapas restaurant.  It was well attended by Association members, as well as potential new members.  Attendees also included SAC Patty Ferrick and several FBI colleagues.


President Bill Wade summarized both our accomplishments during the last year, as well as highlights of our plans and initiatives for 2018. 


Many thanks to those who contributed to our door prizes – they were a great bonus!

Holiday party - President
Holiday party - SAC

Holiday Party-crew
Holiday Party -

VA Hospital Coat Drive

Another successful coat drive at the West Haven VA!


In December, members sorted and then distributed hundreds of coats and other winter wear to the patients and visitors at the VA.  These will also be used to support the homeless veterans center associated with the West Haven VA Hospital, as well as local women and children shelters.


Our thanks to Bill,  Bob C, Mike, Lou, Vesna, Angela, Elizabeth and Sandra for their help! 


And many thanks to the individuals and organizations who donated: 


·         Backyard Humanitarian

·         New Life Church (Trumbull CT)

·         Neighborhood Housing Services of New Haven

·         FBI New Haven Field Office (New Haven, CT)

·         FBI New Haven Citizens Academy Alumni Association

Tree of Hope

On Nov 26, the FBI, CAAA, and FLEYA joined forces to set up our display for the Ronald McDonald House "Trees of Hope" campaign. 
The event will raise money through raffling off the displays donated by groups and individuals. 
The event opens to the public on Dec 2nd through the 10th, and is located at the New Haven Maritime Center. 
I hope everyone gets an opportunity to stop by for this great cause.

Community, Cops and Culture Event


On Saturday, October 28, the New Haven CAAA joined other community and law enforcement organizations at the first Community, Cops & Culture event, held at Albertus Magnus College.  Below is Charlie Grady’s summary of the event and also some photos.  Bill and Annabelle were given the opportunity to speak, and both Senator Blumenthal and SAC Ferrick were in attendance.  A great event!


From Charlie Grady:

NHFO, this past Saturday the FBI Outreach Team in partnership with Connecticut State Police, New Haven Police and the Anti-Defamation League of CT held the first Community, Cops & Culture event at Albertus Magnus College. Ten (10) different countries were represented by CT police officers that are 1st generation immigrants from those countries as they presented stories of their journey to the United States and their career paths. Over 125 attendees were educated in cultures and histories typically not discussed in other forums.

One of the highlights of the day was the showing of the documentary "Waking In Oak Creek" with guest speakers from the film Arno Michaelis and Pardeep Kaleka. Arno a former "Skin Head" spoke passionately about his past as a "solider of hate" and how he was transformed by the very individuals that he once hated. Pardeep's father was killed by a member of the same hate group Arno once belonged to and helped to create. Both men formed a non-profit called "Serve2Unite" and now travel the country teaching tolerance and understanding of cultures as a way to unite all Americans.

Our Citizen's Academy and Future Law Enforcement Youth Academy (FLEYA) Alumni also presented about our program's personal impact on themselves and the community.

I would like to thank:

 SAC Ferrick
JoAnn Benson
Jacob Fleener

Katie Oltman
Noor Sidhu
Vanessa Bush
Luz Villar Gregorio
Nick Dubord
Maria Wenziak
SA Michelle Scott
Leila Chang
Robin Kudasik
Lauren Balestrieri
DJ Jeff Knecht
Haley Dubits
Dave Haug
Anita Schmitz

And Supervisors for allowing their staff to participate:

         Judie Driscol, Tanya Hall, Marvin Kolaric


Bill Wade, Elizabeth Getrost, Dr. Vesna Markovic, Dr. Lou Iorio, Bob Caplan and Anna Belle Bass.


And anyone that helped in any way to make the event a success. NHFO leading the way!


Charles Grady

Community Outreach Specialist COS
600 State St. New Haven, CT 06511


Las Vegas Tragedy and Hurricane Relief

The United States has been hit by a horrible series of natural disasters and, most recently, a tragic mass shooting in Las Vegas. In keeping with our tradition of providing help to the affected regions, we have set up two specific Donation locations.

Las Vegas:

The FBI Las Vegas CAAA has been volunteered to help provide meals to the First Responders working out of the Las Vegas FBI Field Office. On average, it costs $700/meal to feed those working from that location. (Note: Other organizations in Las Vegas are providing similar support to First Responders working out of multiple, other locations around the city.)

If your Chapter members wish provide support to assist the FBILVCAAA their commitment to feed the First Responders working out of the FBI Building, people can make a donation on the Las Vegas Chapter website ( The donate button is right below the “Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas."

Hurricane Support & Las Vegas Police Protective Association Support:

The FBI Birmingham CAAA will have two donation buttons set up on Monday. In addition to the current Hurricane IRMA Donation button, starting on Monday (Oct 9, 2017), there will be an additional button to donate to the Las Vegas Police Protective Association's Law Enforcement Assistance Fund (LEAF). LEAF will provide financial support to the family of the Police Officer, who lost his life during the mass shooting on 1 October.

If your Chapter members wish to donate to either of these two funds, the donation buttons can be found at:


We are all part of a great organization and we never fail to rise to the occasion when disaster strikes.

Best Regards,

Sandy Mangold

  Sanford D. "Sandy" Mangold
Colonel, USAF (Retired)
Executive Director
FBI National Citizens Academy Alumni Association
(702) 332-3986 (cell) /

VA Hospital Gift Bag & Patient Visit

Again this year, the Association sponsored a gift bag distribution and patient visit event at the West Haven VA Hospital.  On Saturday, we filled and distributed 75 bags to veterans on several hospital floors, and this year we also put together and distributed 20 gift bags to hospital staff.  Both were met with much gratitude! 


Each vet bag included a letter with ours and the VA’s logo, thanking them for their service to our country.  This year we were also provided hand -made cards which included notes from one of our member’s students.


Ten members donated items and five distributed them (plus one member’s wife, who had attended another event in the past and is a great help!).

VA Gift bags
VA Gif bags - participants
VA Gifts
VA Gifts - participants

Recognition by Veterans Administration

The FBI New Haven Citizens Academy Alumni Association received an award from the Veterans Administration for service and support given to the VA in West Haven.

VA Recognition - Award
VA Recognition the award

Milford PD Virtual Range Training


Our Association was offered two sessions at the Milford Police training facility’s high tech virtual range.  We each took a turn running through various scenarios posing as police in order to gain a better understanding of the decision making process they face.  We received both an orientation and a debrief when we had all completed our turns.  


The three police department employees who coordinated it couldn’t have been more professional.  The event also allowed for social time for members.


Participants gave very positive feedback on the experience – our thanks to Charlie and Mike for arranging this great event!

VA Hospital Barbecue

The VA Spring (summer) Barbecue at the West Haven VA Hospital was a great success – in spite of some challenges!


A team composed of the African Methodist Episcopal Church (AME), VA employees and volunteers from our Alumni Association served up the lunch -  and the weather was perfect. 


The original estimate of 200 provided to us for the number of participants was far too low for how many showed up. The actual crowd of over 600 waited patiently in a long line in the courtyard.  It was a scramble, and thanks to our volunteers it went off without a problem! 


We received many expressions of gratitude and interest in us and who we are, and had two posters with our name and the event name.  The three groups agreed we would do it again next year - and be ready for 1,000 should they come.

FLEYA Graduation

Saturday 6/24/17 was the culmination of the 2017 Future Law Enforcement Youth Academy – the graduation ceremony took place on Yale’s West Campus and was well attended by students, parents, FLEYA alumni, law enforcement, the FBI, and our Association. 


Charlie Grady, as the master of ceremony made it clear this endeavor includes a great collaboration between FBI, Yale and law enforcement, as well a unique opportunity for the students.  Their keynote speaker was Connecticut’s first US Attorney, Deidre Daly, who clearly understood the spirit of the Academy and provided inspiration to students and attendees.  All of this was preceded by a dignified color guard, who marched out the flags and we all stood for the pledge of allegiance.


During the luncheon, Charlie thanked our Association and had Annabelle, Bob and Elizabeth stand to applause.  Senator Richard Blumenthal said some encouraging words and the FBI had its resident DJ setting the mood with music. 


The FBI hung a banner with the FBI, FLEYA and CAAA logos


Many thanks to:

·         Bill, who had many communications with Yale to arrange for the food  

·         Adam and Bob for working the chain of custody for the payment to Yale.

·         Annabelle, who arrived just in time to assist with banner hanging and the FBI store.
         Elizabeth, who brought flowers and balloons to dress up the location

FLEYA Graduation 2017 Sen Blumenthal
FLEYA 2017 Graduation Charlie Grady, MC

Citizens Academy Class of 2017 Graduation

May 4th saw the graduation of the 2017 FBI New Haven Citizens Academy class and the Association was in attendance to witness it. 

In attendance from the New Haven Field Office were Charlie Grady (Community Outreach Specialist) who officiated the night, JoAnn Benson (Training & Civic Liaison Specialist) and SAC Patricia Ferrick. The key note speaker was the First Assistant U.S. Attorney Michael J Gustafson. 

Alumni Association Donates Little Free Library to New Haven Police

Library Dnotion to WEB Substation

A budding center of the Whalley Avenue-Edgewood-Beaver Hills community will have one more reason for neighbors, particularly the tiniest ones, to stop by — a Little Free Library.

The FBI New Haven Citizens Academy Alumni Association has donated a Little Free Library to the recently renovated WEB police substation on Whalley Avenue. The little blue box and its books are almost ready to welcome little readers.

Click here for full article Article about Donation

The Winter Newsletter is now available!

FBINHCAAA Winter 2017 Newsletter

FBI NH CAAA Presents on Social Media Risks at Lincoln Bassett Community School


An FBI New Haven Citizens Academy Alumni Association member presented on Social Media Risks to parents at the Lincoln Basset Community School, which is based in New Haven, CT.  The presentation, designed by the New Haven Field Office, was well received:   


“I would like to take this opportunity thank you for the…presentation for the parents and community last night it was a wonderful opportunity see how well-organized the presentation was…thank you so very much for your commitment to families and community.”

Florence Caldwell

Title 1 Liaison

Lincoln Bassett Community School

Member presenting at Lincoln Bassett School


2016 Association Holiday Party


The holiday party was held in Woodbridge at Solun Tapas restaurant.  It was well attended by Association members and included several FBI colleagues, including SAC Patty Ferrick!


The newest members of the Board of Directors were introduced, and gratitude was expressed to Mike V. for his service as President.


Additional coats for the VA Hospital coat drive were collected as well – many thanks to those who contributed!


2016 Holiday Party-2

A successful visit to the West Haven VA Hospital on behalf of the FBI NHCAAA
A successful visit to the West Haven VA Hospital on behalf of the FBI NHCAAA

From Left to Right:

Bill Wade, FBI NHCAAA member

Larry Rice, Voluntary Service Specialist, West Haven VA Hospital

Vesna Markovic, FBI NHCAAA Member
Veteran, Employee of West Haven VA Hospital
Elizabeth Getrost, FBI NHCAAA member


Attended but not pictured:

Mohammed Qureshi

On Sept 10, we handed out 52 gift bags to veterans, as well as visit with several of them. Many thanks for our efforts were expressed from the vets, patients and staff.
Our relationship with the VA is continuing to strengthen and a coat drive is being planned for December.
Many thanks to those who could attend.

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